What Does Your Library Stand For? Advice From Ann Handley

Parlando di marketing e biblioteche.
Se chiedi a Ann Handley (una veterana della gestione dei contenuti digitali, della narrazione e della comunicazione d’impresa) cose come:

I think in some ways libraries take their evangelists for granted. How do you go about taking library cardholders on a journey through storytelling that leads them beyond that generic “I love the library” feeling?

Non può che uscirne una conversazione interessante.
Content rules è stata una lettura piacevolissima. Cercherò di leggere anche Everybody writes (in realtà l’ho appena ordinato).
Ma, soprattutto, mi piace molto quando, in maniera molto semplice, si affronta il problema dell’importanza di creare una cultura dei contenuti. Che è una cosa che mi interessa moltissimo e su cui sto cercando di ordinare un po’ di pensieri sparsi negli anni.
Non lo so se ci riuscirò, di sicuro questo memo-post proverà a ricordarmelo.

Super Library Marketing: All kinds of marketing ideas for all kinds of libraries.

I worked in a local television newsroom for 20 years. Broadcast TV schools tend to churn out formulaic writers; who, what, where, when, why, don’t bury your lead, put the important stuff in the first few sentences, pepper your story with natural sound breaks, no sounds bites over 20 seconds, done! Next!

When I jumped to Marketing, I spent the first year trying to get my sea legs. It took a long time to learn the process, the lingo, the organizational structure, and the institutional history of the library. It was dizzyingly busy and exciting. But about three-quarters of the way through that first year, I realized I had a weird ache that I couldn’t soothe. What the heck was bothering me, I wondered?

I’d stopped writing. I missed it. I longed for it.

Lucky for me, I came into marketing during a time when good writing is viewed as a…

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What Does Your Library Stand For? Advice From Ann Handley